Coarse-grained Configuration

Coarse-grained configuration of an eCos system means making configuration changes using the ecosconfig tool. These changes include:

  1. switching to different target hardware

  2. switching to a different template

  3. adding or removing a package

  4. changing the version of a package

Whenever ecosconfig generates or updates an eCos configuration, it generates a configuration save file.

Suppose that the configuration was first created using the following command line:

$ ecosconfig new stdeval1

To change the target hardware to the Cogent CMA28x PowerPC board, the following command would be needed:

$ ecosconfig target cma28x

To switch to the PowerPC simulator instead:

$ ecosconfig target psim

As the hardware changes, hardware-related packages such as the HAL packages and device drivers will be added to and removed from the configuration as appropriate.

To remove any package from the current configuration, use the remove command:

$ ecosconfig remove uitron

You can disable multiple packages using multiple arguments, for example:

$ ecosconfig remove uitron libm

If this turns out to have been a mistake then you can re-enable one or more packages with the add command:

$ ecosconfig add libm

Changing the desired version for a package is also straightforward:

$ ecosconfig version v2_1 kernel

It is necessary to regenerate the build tree and header files following any changes to the configuration before rebuilding eCos:

$ ecosconfig tree