Chapter 17. Customization

Table of Contents
Window Placement

The following visual aspects of the eCos Configuration Tool can be changed to suit individual preferences. These aspects are saved on a per-user basis, so that when the eCos Configuration Tool is next invoked by the same user, the appearance will be as set in the previous session.

Window Placement

The relative sizes of all windows in the eCos Configuration Tool may be adjusted by dragging the splitter bars that separate the windows. The chosen sizes will be used the next time the eCos Configuration Tool is invoked by the current user.

All windows except the Configuration Window may be shown or hidden by using the commands under the View menu (for example, View->Output) or the corresponding keyboard accelerators (Alt+1 to Alt+4).

Your chosen set of windows (and their relative sizes) will be preserved between invocations of the eCos Configuration Tool.