Platform Selection

To add, modify or remove entries in the list of platforms used for running tests, select Tools->Platforms. The following dialog will be displayed:

Figure 19-2. Platforms dialog box

You may add, modify or remove platform entries as you wish, but in order to run tests, a platform must be defined to correspond to the currently loaded hardware template. The information associated with each platform name is used to run tests.

To modify a platform, click the Modify button with the appropriate platform selected, or double-click on an entry in the list. A dialog will be displayed that allows you to change the command prefix, platform type and arguments for GDB.

Figure 19-3. Platform Modify dialog box

To add a new platform, click the Add button. A similar dialog will be displayed that allows you to define a new platform. To remove a platform, click the Delete button or press the DEL key with the appropriate platform selected.

The command prefix is used when running tests in order to determine the names of the executables (such as gdb) to be used. For example, if the gdb executable name is “arm-elf-gdb.exe” the prefix should be set to “arm-elf”.

The platform type indicates the capabilities of the platform - whether it is hardware or a simulator, and whether breakpoints are supported.

The arguments for the GDB field allow additional arguments to be passed to gdb when it is used to run a test. This is typically used in the case of simulators linked to gdb in order to define memory layout.