SPARClite Architectural Simulator Setup

The ESA SPARClite simulator is an architectural simulator which implements all the features of the SPARClite needed to run eCos. The current implementation provides accurate simulation of the instruction set, interrupt controller, and timers, as well as having generic support for diagnostic output and exceptions.

Note that the ESA SPARClite simulator is unsupported, but is included in the release as a convenience.

To simplify connection to the simulator, you are advised to create a GDB macro by putting the following code in your personal GDB start-up file (gdb.ini on Windows and .gdbinit on UNIX).

define ssim   
 target sim -nfp -sparclite -dumbio   
 rbreak cyg_test_exit   
 rbreak cyg_assert_fail  

You can then connect to the simulator by invoking the command ssim on the command line:

(gdb) ssim

You can achieve the same effect by typing out the macro’s content on the command line if necessary.