VR4300 Hardware Setup

The eCos Developer’s Kit package comes with an EPROM which provides GDB support for the NEC VRC4373 evaluation board. An image of this EPROM is also provided at loaders/vr4300-vrc4373/gdbload.bin under the root of your eCos installation.

The EPROM is installed to socket U12 on the board. Attention should be paid to the correct orientation of the EPROM during installation. Only replace the board"s existing ROM using a proper PLCC extraction tool, as the socket would otherwise risk getting damaged.

The GDB stub in the EPROM allows communication with GDB using the serial port at connector J1. The communication parameters are fixed at 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity bit and 1 stop bit (8-N-1). No flow control is employed. Connection to the host computer should be made using a straight-through serial cable.