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Re: Bash patches

By the way, I think you should probably just use the same mechanism that
Cygwin uses to strip CRs.  Setting an input stream to O_TEXT is all that
is required.  You do that one of three ways:

open ("foo", O_RDONLY | O_TEXT);
fopen ("foo", "rt");
setmode (fd, O_TEXT);


On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 04:02:50PM -0600, Erik Nolte wrote:
>I realize there is currently no bash maintainer, but how do I propose
>patches and to whom do I send them in the interim?
>Below are patches to fix:
>(1) The backtick (command substitution) CR-LF problem I reported on 26Sep00
>under the title "Has CR/LF and cat problem with textutils-2.0 been solved?"
>read_comsub() was modified in src/bash/subst.c to convert CR-LF into NL
>immediately after the text is read from the command.
>(2) The cd/CDPATH erroneous echoing of the path for DOS absolute pathnames.
>This was reported on 26Sep00 under the title "Strange cd/CDPATH behavior".
>absolute_pathname() was modified in src/bash/general.c to treat
>[A-Za-z]:[/\]* as absolute pathnames.
>I started with the source at
> and
>ran the diff as "diff -u -p original-file new-file".

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