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Cortex A9 IMX6 HAL Work


I have been working on HAL support for iMX6 SMP applications using a Freescale Sabre SD board and Wandboard. I have things to the point where it is possible to write web applications, as I have a simple lwip based FTP/TELNET app working with an SD card DOS file system, running on a 4 core iMX6Q with SMP. 

The project is early phase in that it still relies on some Freescale SDK code, needs guidance and advice from the ARM experts, etc, but it is capable of running an application, booting from the SD card, and SMP debugging of all cores via JTAG. Therefore, it is easier for people to contribute because they can build something fun, and don't have to slog through all the startup and SMP deadlock issues, don't have to figure out the tool chain, JTAG configuration, etc.

I am looking for collaborators, so I setup a project site at

My goal is to use this site to collaborate until it is ready for consideration for inclusion into the eCos code base.

I would appreciate it if you would have a look at the site, add this to the list of projects on the eCos public site, and then allow me to make an announcement on the general list.

Michael Jones

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