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Problem building redboot image - missing cyg/io/io.h when building fileio.c

Hi all, only recently started working with Redboot/eCos.

Looks like this could be an interesting project (I have several Olimex LPC boards in my drawers).

I am currently working on a bootloader using a Triton TX53 dev board. This uses a Freescale iMX53 system on chip.
I have a version of eCos that has the TX53 SOC added to allow RedBoot to load and run a windows CE image.

However, this image does NOT currently have support for updating the CE image from external media (eg. USB stick or SD-Card).

I am trying to add support for a FAT filesystem into this image but Im running into problems.
Ive been through all the documentation and Ive now added what I think are the relevant packages (doing this from home so I dont have the list of packages here - eg. CYGPKG_IO_FLASH, MMC, FAT, etc).

My problems seem to start when building - when the compile reaches fileio.c it goes looking to include 'cyg/io/io.h' but fails to find it.
There are other missing includes (all 4 of the files in this directory).

I thought it was an issue with the eCos stuff I have (from the Triton reseller, based on V2.0) so I pulled the latest V3.0 on Monday and created a clean project using the LPC2294 dev board. Ive come up against the same problem - namely cyg/io/io.h is missing. I can find the 'missing' files but Im assuming the paths should be sorted out as part of the configure stage.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where my problem might be.
I will try to follow up tomorrow with grabs from the compile output (which shows all the include paths).

Thanks in advance and sorry for waffling on this first post.


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