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eCos 3.0 now available

March 30, 2009 -- THE INTERNET -- The maintainers of the eCos real-time
operating system today announced the availability of the eCos 3.0
release for free download.

eCos is a mature, highly-configurable free open source RTOS which is
ideally suited for deeply embedded applications where high performance
and a minimal hardware footprint are key requirements.

This stable release is the culmination of a substantial testing effort
and incorporates many contributions to the public eCos project which
have been previously available via the project's development repository
only. New run-time features include:

  * Cortex-M, FR30 and 68K/ColdFire architectural ports (extending
    hardware compatibility to a total of 13 processor architectures)
  * CAN, I2C, SPI, framebuffer, disk and ADC infrastructure
  * Flash memory infrastructure revisions for improved flexibility
  * a FAT filesystem implementation
  * a port of the lwIP lightweight TCP/IP stack
  * additional services for the eCos FreeBSD TCP/IP stack
  * HAL and driver packages for many new processor variants, target
    platforms and peripheral devices
  * enhancements to the RedBoot bootstrap and debug firmware (based on
    the eCos HAL)
  * GCC 4 compatibility for improved code generation

eCos 3.0 also delivers stable eCos configuration tools which extend host
platform coverage to GTK+ 2.x on Linux and to Windows Vista.

Further details and download instructions are available at the eCos

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