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CVS Snapshots - Notice of service changeover to Mercurial downloads

Hi All

eCosCentric have been providing snapshots of the CVS repository for well
over 6 years now as a convenient method for users to download the
current revision of eCos, rather than to have to do battle with their
sysadmins to break through their firewall.

As we are moving away from CVS, and since the current Mercurial (hg)
repository at provides full exported
downloads of the current version of eCos in a variety of formats,
including the ability to download eCos upto *any* given changeset (the
default being the tip), there seems little point in continuing to make
CVS snapshots available.

All users currently using snapshots and downloading on a regular basis
are therefore stongly encouraged to switch their download URLs now to:

eCosCentric intend to continue to provide their hg service, regardless
of the DRCS finally selected by the eCos maintainers, since I suspect
even if hg were chosen a UK-based mirror would not be unwelcome.  After
all, you can  very easily pull changesets from one hg (or any other
DRCS) source and push to another ;-)

The CVS snapshots service will therefore be terminated from 1 December
2009, after which users will be redirected to the hg tip download via
http.  The ftp CVS snapshot download service will however be terminated
from 1 December 2009.


-- Alex Schuilenburg

Managing Director/CEO                                eCosCentric Limited

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