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Re: Build Issues

At 06:55 PM 2/7/02 +0000, Jonathan Larmour wrote:
 >Anand Kulkarni wrote:
 >> ------------------------------------------------------
 >> make -r -C hal/i386/arch/current build
 >> make[1]: Entering directory
 >> `/ecos-c/users/anand/esys/redboot_build/hal/i386/arch/current'
 >> sed: -e expression #1, char 7: Unterminated `s' command
 >> mkdir: too few arguments
 >> Try `mkdir --help' for more information.
 >> make[1]: *** [src/hal_misc.o.d] Error 1
 >> make[1]: Leaving directory
 >> `/ecos-c/users/anand/esys/redboot_build/hal/i386/arch/current'
 >> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 >Julian, it's specifically line 454 of build.cxx. I've fixed it now. But why
 >haven't we seen this before? It's been like this since July last year! Can
 >you maybe verify my fix does work on Windows (which would sorta imply
 >verifying it didn't work before my fix too :-\).

Well, as far as I can see, this happened:

1. My original sed code _did_ work.

2. Unfortunately, your fix (Jifl) didn't :-) an extra two backslashes were needed
     in the source and rules.mak.

3. The reason why CT 2 produced this error for me before I'd updated to your
     host tool changes is that I'd updated to your (or someone's) rules.mak changes
     and this caused the error.

Ah, I see you removed some backslashes from rules.mak back on 2nd Feb, and this must have
propagated to anonymous CVS causing the problem. Could it be that the extra backslashes
are needed for some systems, and not others?? Anyway I'll put them back for now.


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