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Re: Newbie doubt about CYG... macros

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Christophe Coutand <> wrote:
> Hi Madhavi,
> According to the naming convention: "The first few characters, in this
> case the three letters CYG, are used to identify the organization that
> produced the package" :
> CYG was used for Cygnus (original creator of eCos). I don't believe this
> convention is strictly followed, all packages keep CYG as default
> prefix, even newer contributions. Maintainers can correct me.
> Macros are the same whatever environment (Linux or Cygwin) you are
> using.

Dear Christophe,

Thank you very much for your quick respose.

It means, the CYG stands for Cygnus irrespective of either Linux or
Cygwin environment. The CYG represents the eCos OS macros.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

Thanks and Regards,
Madhavi M.

> Christophe
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> Manchala
> Sent: 13. februar 2011 13:13
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> Subject: [ECOS] Newbie doubt about CYG... macros
> Hi All,
> I am new to the eCos. While looking at one of the eCos applications I
> am seeing lot of macros which are starts with CYG... I am viewing the
> application source in Cygwin Linux environment on Windows XP system.
> Here, my doubt is, is CYG represents the Cygwin Linux macros or eCos
> OS macros. I mean, are they defined in the Cygwin Linux OS or in eCos
> OS packages?
> The macros are look like
> #define CYG_ELF_MACHINE ? ? ? ? EM_386
> #if ? ? defined(CYGPKG_HAL_ARM)
> #define CYG_ELF_MACHINE ? ? ? ? EM_ARM
> However, I heard a word like Cygnus' eCos. So, the macros which are
> starts with CYG are related to eCos OS but not related to Cygwin
> Linux. Am I correct?
> Sorry for asking such a simple question. But, I am looking into an
> eCos application in Cygwin linux environment. So, I am in a bit
> confusion about those macros. If anyone clarifies me, I am very happy.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Madhavi M.
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