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Re: How to read ecos docs given in sgml-format

On Wed, 15 Jan 2014, Bob Brusa wrote:

> Hi,
> the make pdfa4 command that should generate pdfs from sgml when

Hi Bob,

Check first, Do you able to get eCos documentation in HTML format?
(minimal requirements: jade, docbook, docbook-dsssl). Chdir in R/W
directory and type

  sh $ECOS_REPOSITORY/../doc/sgml/makemakefile
  make html

To get PDF outputs you have to install `jadetex' and its dependencies.

> I could not find an alternative to the above (mean - converting sgml
> to a pdf - sgml in a text editor or browser is ugly). It seems, no
> reasonable reader exists for the sgml format. This lets me wunder why
> the documentation is presented in this now arcane format. Why not
> include these files as open data text (odt) as used by e. g.
> OpenOffice?

I do not think that is good idea to distribute official documentation in
any editable form. More on that, every eCos documentation file warn you

  Distribution of substantively modified versions of this document is
  prohibited without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

  Distribution of the work or derivative of the work in any standard
  (paper) book form is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained
  from the copyright holder.

Of course, if you can get HTML, then you would lanch <set>Office, open
any html file and save it in desired format. You would use CL tools to
convert HTML in other texts or blobs using some of the converters, but
read above.

> Well, back to the problem: Has anybody a hint why the sgml to pdf
> fails?  Thanks and best regards,

Never try to get eCos PDF on Cygwin. But, I have no problem with PDF
generation under Linux (some not every hour updated release :-) with



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