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Re: eCos engineering contact in RedHat

Dave Maley wrote:
Hello.  One of my TAM accounts, Tekelec, has requested a contact within
our embedded (eCos) engineering group to ask a few questions about eCos

My understanding of the current position is that Red Hat doesn't do any eCos development any more, only RedBoot, although if Mark Salter (CC'd) is reading this I would be more than happy to be corrected... I don't want to start tell anyone that if it isn't true (FWIW I haven't so far, but it's what I believe is the case in practice).

 I wasn't able to find much recent information regarding eCos on
the Red Hat Intranet so I wasn't sure where to direct this request, or
if eCos is even part of Red Hat anymore.

Mark Salter <> is the best starting point for anything eCos/RedBoot related within Red Hat I guess - he can pass you on to someone else if not.

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