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Re: Updating the on-line documentation

John Dallaway wrote:

Updating the on-line docs could wait until the 3.0 final release, but I was thinking people would be more likely to be trawling over the docs during the beta period. I may take a look at updating them if I get a spare moment...

I knew it wouldn't take me long, so I've done it. For future ref, these are roughly the sort-of commands which make things a lot easier (substitute docsbuild where appropriate e.g. ~/ecos/trunk/doc/sgml/):

cd ecos/trunk/htdocs/docs-latest/something
rm *.html *.png
cp /docsbuild/*.html .
cp /docsbuild/*.png .
cvs -qn up | egrep ^\\? | awk '{print $2}' | xargs cvs add
cvs -qn up | egrep ^U | awk '{print $2}' | xargs cvs rm
cvs ci -m "Update docs to latest CVS"

Repeat for redboot, user-guide, cdl-guide.

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