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Re: Patch for negotiating ACCM and accepting a NULL PAP password.

Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your valuable comments. I had to make PAP work with a NULL password because that
was a requirement for T-Mobile/Voicestream's wireless internet connection. I guess I will have to
work around that issue with the ISP.

As per your suggestion, I have made ACCM negotiation a configurable option. The attached patch file
details the changes and it has been created from the "net" directory again. Please let me know if
they were what you intended to see.

(See attached file: confoptnegaccm.txt)

Murali @ (602) 504-4962.

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                      nickg@xl5.calivar        Subject:  Re: Patch for negotiating ACCM and accepting a NULL PAP password.             
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Parvathaneni Murali <> writes:

> The attached patch file has been created from the "net" directory under ecos/packages and it has
> changes for negotiation ACCM when using PPP and also for accepting a NULL value for PAP password.
> Please let me know if these changes are acceptable.

I'm not happy about this.

I'm not sure that doing PAP with a NULL password is in the spirit of
how these protocols should be used. Either you should set refuse_pap,
or use a proper password. The original PPPD code doesn't allow a NULL
password for a reason, we should respect that.

ACCM negotiation should be an option settable in cyg_ppp_options_t. It
shouldn't be on by default. At the same time the actual map being
negotiated should be settable too. This should all follow the way that
the original PPPD code handles options.

Nick Garnett                    eCos Kernel Architect     The eCos and RedBoot experts

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