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Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists for the eCos project. Click on the list name to access the mailing list archives:


A read-only low volume list for significant news about eCos and to announce events such as new eCos releases or major new eCos features.


A read-only medium volume list for anyone who needs to track reported problems with eCos submitted through Bugzilla. While open to all subscribers, this is only generally expected to be used by maintainers.


A read-only list that gives notifications of changes made in the eCos CVS repository


A list for discussions among those working on enhancements, new features and new ports of eCos itself. It is not intended for general requests for help, or for information about using eCos.


A list for general open discussion about eCos. Requests for help and information are welcome on this list. This is the best starting place for all eCos users in need of help. All the eCos developers also read this list.


DEPRECATED. A list previously used by developers to submit eCos patches for approval by a maintainer prior to them being committed to the eCos source repository. Patches should now be submitted using Bugzilla, setting the Component field to Patches and contributions.


A read-only list giving notifications of changes to the eCos web pages, which are maintained in CVS.

We strongly recommend you read both the eCos documentation fully and search the above mail archives before asking simple questions on the discussion lists, particularly if they are likely to be problems that people would have encountered before.

Subscribing to or unsubscribing from a mailing list

To subscribe to any of the above mailing lists, use the mailing list request form below. Digest versions of each list are also available where messages are forwarded on an intermittent basis. If you are experiencing problems with the use of these mailing lists, please refer to the mailing list FAQ.

Note that all posts to these lists are archived publically and are available from search engines. That includes email addresses, phone numbers, etc. The adminstrators of have a policy not to edit the archives. If you make a mistake and post using a private email address or disclose information you should not have, then it is not the adminstrators' responsibility to clean it up, so be careful.

E-mail address:
Command: digest version

Contacting the eCos maintainers

In general, the above mailing lists should be used for all communication. However, if you wish to contact the eCos maintainers in a less overt way, you may send e-mail to Note that this is not a private list - the archives are available here. Please also note that the eCos maintainers are unable to provide technical support. Technical queries or requests for help or information that would have been more appropriate on one of the public mailing lists will not be answered. The eCos maintainers are:

  • John Dallaway
  • Grant Edwards
  • Nick Garnett
  • Sergei Gavrikov
  • Ilija Kocho
  • Jonathan Larmour
  • Andrew Lunn
  • Mark Salter
  • Gary Thomas
  • Bart Veer