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Reviewing problems

If you believe you have found a problem with eCos, please query the eCos Bugzilla bug tracking database. The problem may have been reported already and possibly even fixed in a later version. It may also be beneficial to search the archives of the ecos-discuss mailing list in case other people have had the same problem but it was never entered into the bug tracking system. Some problems with eCos 1.3.1 and earlier versions are documented in a separate list.

Submitting a problem report

If you have been unable to find a reference to the problem you are experiencing in the known problems list or the current Bugzilla database, please submit a problem report to the eCos net community using the Bugzilla bug tracking system. You will need to provide an e-mail address to register with Bugzilla. By providing a problem report, you will assist us in improving the software for the benefit of all users. It is important to provide as much information as possible to enable us to reproduce and analyze the problem.

Remember to use the correct bug tracking system for the bug you are reporting, i.e. use the GCC bug system for GCC-specific bugs only, use the GDB bug system for GDB bugs and use the eCos bug system for eCos bugs. However if the problem you are reporting is generated by the tools but is specific to the eCos environment and no others, reporting using the eCos bug system may be more appropriate. Use your own judgement. Do not submit the bug into more than one system though.

Also please try to use the bug systems to report problems you believe to be genuine bugs or shortcomings in the software or documentation, rather than general requests for help. The ecos-discuss mailing list is a better forum for requests of that nature.

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