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Re: eCos port for AMD Alchemy AU1X00 processors

Leslie Mulder wrote:
To whom it may concern,

We are coming up to the end of a project that has produced a port of eCos version 2.0 (current)
and Redboot to the AMD Alchemy AU1X00 processor line. The port is fairly significant in size
and novelty, in addition this will be our first contribution to eCos.

That's great!

Given all of this we are
somewhat tentative in going forward for fear of mis-stepping.

The best suggestion I can make is to have a read of <>

With that info it's very unlikely you can mis-step - and in any case there's not really any way you could mis-step :).

After some clean-up we would like to submit to you the package privately to solicit feedback before
posting it in a more public domain. We feel that your initial comments at that stage will be invaluable
in ensuring that our initial release goes as smoothly as possible.

I'm not sure there's any reason for you to be concerned about submitting publically now. That's the normal approach and patches get reviewed primarily only by the maintainers anyway, even though it's publically archived. If there's some more sensitive reason you don't want to mention here, then feel free to mail me directly.

Especially if you have a read of the URL above, I doubt there would be many issues with your port regardless - after all we won't have any hardware to verify correctness anyway.

Hope this helps,

eCosCentric    The eCos and RedBoot experts
--["No sense being pessimistic, it wouldn't work anyway"]-- Opinions==mine

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