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Re: Redboot fis load

Hi Marc-Rene

Seeberger Marc-René wrote:

> I want to save a stripped ELF file as fis file and later on load and
> execute it with "fis load" and "go" commands. I can load an ELF file
> raw into ram with "load -r -m xmodem -b 0x80000000" and flash it with
> "fis create -b 0x80000000 -l 0x1234 -f 0x60000000 -e 0x80000000 xy.elf"
> or so. But when I try to "fis load xy.elf", the loader only copies the
> ELF file 1:1 into the ram instead of relocating the different sections
> into internal and external ram as defined in the ELF file.
> As we have three sections for internal and two external rams, I won't
> use "load -m xmodem" and then flash three binary files by specifying
> source address, length etc. for each of them and later on do 3 fis load
> commands followed by a go.
> The "load" command is ELF aware, but how can I make the "fis load"
> command ELF aware? We do not have a file system other than the simple
> FIS on our embedded system.
> Thanks for any hint

The ELF parsing code is currently part of the RedBoot "load" command


You will need to move the parsing code into a separate function and call
it from the RedBoot "fis load" command implementation in response to a
new 'option' switch on the RedBoot command line:


For a truly generic implementation, you should not assume that the flash
is directly addressable.

I hope this helps...

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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