Appendix A. Target Setup

Table of Contents
MN10300 stdeval1 Hardware Setup
MN10300 Architectural Simulator Setup
AM33 STB Hardware Setup
TX39 Hardware Setup
TX39 Architectural Simulator Setup
TX49 Hardware Setup
VR4300 Hardware Setup
VRC4375 Hardware Setup
Atlas/Malta Hardware Setup
PowerPC Cogent Hardware Setup
PowerPC MBX860 Hardware Setup
PowerPC Architectural Simulator Setup
SPARClite Hardware Setup
SPARClite Architectural Simulator Setup
ARM PID Hardware Setup
ARM AEB-1 Hardware Setup
ARM Cogent CMA230 Hardware Setup
Cirrus Logic ARM EP7211 Development Board Hardware Setup
Cirrus Logic ARM EP7212 Development Board Hardware Setup
Cirrus Logic ARM EP7312 Development Board Hardware Setup
Cirrus Logic ARM EP7209 Development Board Hardware Setup
Cirrus Logic ARM CL-PS7111 Evaluation Board Hardware Setup
StrongARM EBSA-285 Hardware Setup
Compaq iPAQ PocketPC Hardware Setup
Arm Industrial Module AIM 711 Hardware Setup
SH3/EDK7708 Hardware Setup
SH3/CQ7708 Hardware Setup
SH3/HS7729PCI Hardware Setup
SH3/SE77x9 Hardware Setup
SH4/CQ7750 Hardware Setup
SH4/SE7751 Hardware Setup
NEC CEB-V850/SA1 Hardware Setup
NEC CEB-V850/SB1 Hardware Setup
i386 PC Hardware Setup
i386/Linux Synthetic Target Setup

The following sections detail the setup of many of the targets supported by eCos.


This information is presented here only temporarily. It is intended that there will be separate documents detailing this information for each target in future releases. Consequently not much effort has been put into bringing the following documentation up to date -- much of it is obsolete, bogus or just plain wrong.

MN10300 stdeval1 Hardware Setup

The eCos Developer’s Kit package comes with a pair of EPROMs which provide GDB support for the Matsushita MN10300 (AM31) series evaluation board using CygMon, the Cygnus ROM monitor. Images of these EPROMs are also provided at BASE_DIR/loaders/mn10300-stdeval1/cygmon.bin. The LSB EPROM (LROM) is installed to socket IC8 on the board and the MSB EPROM (UROM) is installed to socket IC9. Attention should be paid to the correct orientation of these EPROMs during installation.

The CygMon stubs allows communication with GDB by way of the serial port at connector CN2. The communication parameters are fixed at 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity bit, and 1 stop bit (8-N-1). No flow control is employed. Connection to the host computer should be made using a standard RS232C serial cable (not a null modem cable). A gender changer may also be required.