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Re: Eagle 100 (Stellaris LM3S6918)

On 20.06.2011 17:18, Frank Pagliughi wrote:

> I'm not an Ethernet guy, so I probably couldn't get networking
> going on the board, but could probably manage the rest of the
> port pretty quickly.

Stellaris processors come with a StellarisWare driver library
(opensource, but only allowed to be used with their processor),
some of them even do have it in the processor's ROM. I don't know
the LM3S6918, but I worked with LM3S9B96 and getting an usable
Ethernet driver was a half day's job.

However, its license is 'You may not combine this software
with "viral" open-source software in order to form a larger
program' - i.e. if one intends to write something that can
be copyright-assigned and can become part of the 'official'
eCos, it can't be used.

> So the breakdown of the Stellaris series doesn't exactly mesh with eCos
> directory structure, since the chip internals may have more in common
> with chips across the different series than within it.
> So I'm at a loss on how to proceed. Any advice?

Forget that the peripherals are part of the chip and treat
them as devs/eth/... etc with dependencies on the

There are more gotchas, the chips come in quite a few
revisions that can differ significantly in what is in ROM,
what bugs are present (sometime grave ones) etc.


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